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Balance Биография
Место рождения: Окленд, Калифорния, США
Сайт: http://www.myspace.com/balance
What’s funny is I never wanted or expected to be a rapper. In high school we all used to freestyle at lunch time. my Friends started a rap group and asked me to be in it. I said “ok” and we started recording. But never did I ever think that I would be where I am now. I jus did it for fun! We used to record music and pass it around at school. We were so weak lol but it whas sum of my favorite times. Jus being innocent: recording and learning.

I come from an art background. My father is an artist – painter. No musicians in my family but it whas always music playing at home growing up. Music whas definitely a big part of my life ever since me whas a kid. I used to save my lunch money jus to buy a new rap cd every Tuesday.

First song I ever recorded whas a disaster. My homeboy had a studio in his room. I whas used to freestyling over the beat and it whas my first time actually writing a rap down. It had no structure – he played the beat and I rapped. I whas so nervous, it whas horrible. The song never came out thank goodness. Whas funny is one thing, people always say to me today is “you have a great voice”. When I first started I hated how my rap voice sounded. It took me 4 or 5 years to finally like it.

I describe my sound as west coast hiphop. I whas raised in the west coast grew up listening to Dr Dre, Snoop, E-40, Spice 1 but at the same time I loved and study east coast hiphop like Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z. West coast is known for the beat and bass east coast known for the lyrics. So I’m a mix. I have always been told when u hear my music u can’t tell that I’m from the bay. I take that as a compliment – I jus wanna be a REAL artist not defined by where I’m from.

I stay in Oakland, CA. It definitely had an effect on my music – it showed me how to be independent. Bay area is the creators of the “indie mind” as far as being an artist. Too short, en vogue, E-40, spice 1, digital underground, souls of mischief all started by releasing independent albums with out a major label then after their success the labels picked them up. Thas how it whas and always will be in the bay area. Stars come from the underground up in the bay area, only way.

Any progress or movement is a good thing for rap as long as it pushes the bounds. But at the same time good music is good music doesn’t matter what genre it is. Now and days everything rapping in it: r+b, techno, etc. Rap is popular culture.

I think the game is now about “big artists”. Music consumers have been tricked so many times, buying an album based off one song and the rest of the album is trash. “One hit” wonders don’t sale records, the audience needs to be convinced and that takes more than 1 song. I think “good” albums still matter when it comes from “big artist”. But now and days people buy into an artist and that brand. It’s no different than back in the days where: u would buy everything “death row” or “bad boy” or “wu-tang” or “motown”. Why? Because it’s a brand u trust. U trust that if u buy that album u are going to like the WHOLE album. Artists have to build a brand and a trust between music and the customer.

I like where hiphop is right now. The Internet has taken allot of control out of the hands of the major labels and put the power into the hand of the fans and the artist. The consumers and listeners can choose who is the next star. I love it. Right now I listen to Kayne West, Rick Ross new albums. As far as new artist J-Cole and Kendrick Lamar oh and Big Sean really impress me as far as music. What bugs me – hmmmm – people who don’t put time and thought into their music. Music ain’t no hustle for me I love this shit.
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